Nd:YAG is the most important laser crystal. It is widely used in industrial, medical, military and scientific fields. Blue Crystal Co., LTD has the advanced technique, highest volume capacity and complete capabilities for growing, fabrication, polishing and coating, making Blue Crystal Co., LTD the leading manufacturer of Nd:YAG laser crystal in China.

Advantages of Nd:YAG crystals:

High gain
Low threshold
High efficiency
Low loss
Suitable for different modes of laser operation (cw. pulsed, Q-switched, mode locked)
Suitable for high-average power lasers
Good thermal conductivity and thermal shock characteristics
Large mechanical strength
High optical quality


Dopant concentrations Nd:0.2~1.1at%
Orientation [111] or [100] within 5º
Rod sizes Diameter 2~15mm, Length 2~200mm
Upon request of customer
Dimensional tolerances Diameter: +0.00/-0.01mm, Length: ±0.1mm
Barrel finish Ground finish with 400# grit or polished
Parallelism ≤10″
Perpendicularity ≤5′
Flatness λ/10@632.8nm
Surface quality 10-5(MIL-O-13830A)
Chamfer 0.1~0.5mm 45º
AR coating reflectivity ≤0.2%@1064nm
Extinction Ration and Wavefront Distortion (Rods)

Rod size (mm) Standard grade Premium grade
Ø3-Ø5 ≤0.25λ/inch ≤0.063λ/inch
≥25dB ≥28dB
Ø6-Ø8 ≤0.35λ/inch ≤0.1λ/inch
≥22dB ≥25dB
Ø9-Ø12 ≤0.5λ/inch ≤0.125λ/inch
≥20dB ≥23dB
Ø13-Ø15 ≤0.6λ/inch ≤0.25λ/inch
≥18dB ≥20dB