Tm:YAP crystal

Tm:YAP Crystal

Tm:YAP is one of the most important Laser crystal in 2um region, which can be directly pumped by commercially available laser diodes and possess high conversion efficiency due to the cross relaxation mechanism. Orthorhombic YAP crystal has excellent thermal and mechanical properties comparable to YAG single crystal. Furthermore, its natural birefringence permits it to reduce thermally induced birefringence and obtain polarized laser emission.

The advantage of Tm:YAP crystal

1、Good physical and chemical performance;
2、Laser output efficiency higher than that of Tm:YAG in 2um region;
3、Direct line polarized laser emission;
4、Absorption bandwidth pumped by LD is wider 4nm than that of Tm:YAG;
5、795nm pump absorption band matches well with the emission wavelength of commonly used AlGaAs diode.

Dopant concentrations Tm: 0.2~15at%
Orientations [010] or [100](Pnma)within 5°
Rod Sizes Diameter 2~10mm, length 2~100mm
Upon request of customer
Wavefront distortion ≤0.125λ/25mm@632.8nm
Extinction ratio ≥25dB
Dimensional tolerance Diamter:+0.00/-0.04, length: ±0.5mm
Barrel finish Ground finish with 400# grit or polished
Parallelism ≤10"
Perpendicularity ≤5′
Flatness λ/8@632.8nm
Surface quality 10/5 (MIL-O-13830A)
Chamfer 0.15±0.05mm
AR coating reflectivity ≤0.25%
Spectral characteristics
Optical transition 3F43H6
Absorption cross-section 3.7~8.5 x 10-21cm2
Fluorescence life 4.4~7.7ms
Emission cross-section 5~6 x 10-21cm2
Emission wavelength 1.98mm@a axis,1.94mm@b axis
Pump wavelength of diode 794.8nm@a axis,793.5nm@b axis