Ho:YAG crystal

With the development of LD and fiber laser, resonantly pumped laser crystals with low Ho3+ concentration attract a lot of interest. Ho3+ laser around 2um is just within atmospheric window, making it an effective tool for remote sensing and photoelectric countermeasures. Ho3+ laser has become an ideal laser source for coherent Doppler lidar, differential absorption lidar and laser range finder.
Concentration Ho: 0.3at%, 0.5at% and 0.8at%
Orientation [111],within 5°
Sizes Diameter:2~10 mm, Length:3~80mm 
Upon request of customer
Dimension tolerances Diameter: +0.00/-0.05mm, Length: ±0.5mm
Barrel finish Ground finish with 400# grit or polished
Parallelism ≤10ʺ
Perpendicularity ≤5'
Flatness λ/10@632.8nm
Surface quality 10-5(MIL-O-13830A)
Chamfer 0.15±0.05mm
Wavefront distortion ≤0.15λ/25mm
Extinction ration ≥23dB
Coating HT@1908nm(R<0.5%)&AR@2100nm(R<0.5%)