Ce:YAG crystal

Cerium doped yttrium aluminum garnet (Ce:YAG) is kinds of scintillators with high light yield (9000Ph/MeV)and fast decay time (65ns), the luminescence peak locates at 550nm, which can effectively coupling with silicon photodiode detector devices. Besides, Ce:YAG crystals have the advantages of good physical and chemical properties, which make it the good material especially for middle-low energy ray detecting.
The properties parameters of Ce:YAG scintillation

Properties YAG (Ce)
Density (g/cm3) 4.55
Radiation Length (90% absorption) (cm) 2.61
Decay time (ns) (fast/slow)(intensity ratio) 85/300 (72/28)
Peak emission wavelength (nm) 550
Light output (%NaI:Tl) 31
Index of refraction 1.82
Hygroscopic No
Melting point (oC) 1970
Energy resolution for 662KeV 137Cs (%) 11.1
Effective atomic number 35