BGO crystal

BGO (Bi4Ge3O12) is a transparent crystal with cubic structure and it does not dissolve in water. BGO emit green fluorescent peaking at 480nm in high energy particles or high energy radiation (x-ray and gamma rays). The luminescence is strong at room temperature. The high absorption coefficient, low afterglow, no deliquescence, good energy resolution make BGO to be a scintillation crystal material with excellent performance. BGO can be used for the detection of x-ray, γ-ray, positron and charged particles, etc.. BGO crystal has broad application in many fields, such as high energy physics, nuclear physics, nuclear medicine, nuclear industry and petroleum exploration and so on.

Structure Cubic
Lattice a=1.0518 Å
Density 7.13g/cm3
Hardness 5 (mohs)
Melt point 1050℃
Refractive index 2.15
Radiation length 1.12cm
Peak of luminescence 480nm
Decay time 300-350 (ns)
Light output(%) 20
Relative pulse amplitude 8-16
Energy resolution 20 (511KMeV, %)
After glow 0.005%@3mms
Crystal direction <001><110>
Standard size of polished rod Ø30×50mm
Standard size of un-polished wafer Ø30×0.8mm
Standard size of polished wafer Ø30×0.5mm (single or double sides polished)
Upon request of customer